# 1  Car jumps a stop sign in front of the patrol car:
      Agent: Good afternoon, can you give me your driver’s license?
      Driver: Listen agent,I wasn’t going over 20 mph. I can tell you. Sure!
Says the driver with the typical accent of drunk
      Agent: You’re right, would not more than 20 mph but has not stopped at the stop sign and around the corner has been uploaded to the curb and crushed the bin. The trash and the bin continues under his car.  Have you drunk alcohol or taken drugs?
      Driver: I’ve only taken 3 beers.
In the jargon of “drinking alcohol” always multiply the number by 3, ie, in this case 3×3 = 9 beers
     Agent: Please, exit the car. I’ll ask that you follow the white line without breaking it.
After 4 attempts with two of them landing on the floor … 🙂
     Agent: Stay in the car and don’t move. I’ll bring a device to do a breathalyzer test.
     Driver: What are you gonna bring me agent?
     Agent: If you are so kind please. You blow until I say “stop.” OK?
     Driver: Buddy, (winking) I appreciate it… but.. I’ve blown 9 beers and 4 whiskeys and if I take more I’ll throw up the slurry 🙂
     Agent: You are under arrest!